According to your quiz answers, you are considered a risky driver. Purchasing car insurance is something that needs to be of the top priority. We encourage you to upgrade or purchase a policy today to protect yourself on the roads.

You are a risky driver. The reason you’re risky is because if your speed gets too high, you become over confident which can lead to crashing into another car. If you hit another car, injuries or even death could occur to vehicle occupants or pedestrians. You should always look out for others when driving – don’t be reckless! If your eyes are off the road for too long, road conditions may change (e.g., slippery roads due to rain) without you knowing it which again increases the chance of an accident occurring; this is why it’s important that you remain alert at all times while driving.

The dangers of risky driving were confirmed by recent studies linking it with the cause of 25% of all car accidents in America. Although risky driving is not illegal, it can decrease the safety of other drivers on the road.

This is because risky drivers are more likely to cut off, fail to yield, or change lanes without using blinkers which causes confusion and distractedness for other motorists.

Avoid damage — By always driving safely you will reduce the risk of vehicular damage because unsafe drivers tend not to look out for potential problems when they should be looking ahead at all times.

This can range from pedestrians in a car park, a broken down vehicle or a patch of black ice which could cause you to crash if you don’t slow down prior to reaching these kinds of obstacles.